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Thanks for stopping by! I'm a long-time (going on 8 years) computer programmer & aficionado, researcher, and data analyst.

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Researcher, analyist, and data-ninja by day, programmer and freelance developer by passion under the moonlight.

I've been hacking, slashing, and developing for most of my life. As an adolescent, I developed a keen interest in computers and programming through a passion for video games. Over the years, I've worked on numerous projects; of particular notoriety being open source contributions made in the realm of online, persistent world game engines and toolsets, including an ongoing passion project consisting of a set of development tools for creating online role-playing games along with the underlying server-client architecture.

More recent interests include compiler and language design, data science, scraping & automation, and leveraging programming and technology to develop real world solutions, identifying and eliminating inefficienices to ease the burden of unneccessary labor and free individuals to engage in more thoughtful, impactful work. Down with tedium!


Arizona State Univesity

2014 - 2018

BSc. Psychology.

Began my stint in academia pursuing a degree in Computer Science, but departed the formal academic field to broaden my horizons and pursue a career in research and cross-field integration of computational principles. As any good developer should know, the pursuit of learning never really ends.


International Labor Union

2017 - 2018

Assosciate Researcher.

Engages in data acquisition, processing, streamlining, financial analysis, and investigative research. Develops algorithms and automata tools to streamline internal research processes. Engages with coworkers and staff to identify bottlenecks and maximize effeciency by leveraging modern computational technology. Develops cutting-edge solutions to 20th century bottlenecks in the labor movement.

UFCW Local 99

2017 - 2018

Research Internship.

Gathered, processed, and managed mass data-sets for organizing campaigns.

Contracted for Educational Software


Contracted for programming work in a project managed by an Adolescent Psychology graduate student. This involved developing key new features and systems around the constraints of an unsupported legacy environment. The ultimate aim of this project was to develop software which could assist in educating K-12 students through an online role-playing game medium.

Part Time IT Consultant


Worked part time as an IT consultant in a medium sized, family run law firm specializing in real estate. The workload consisted of brainstorming efficient ways to bring legal records from a physical to digital medium, repairing and troubleshooting various technology systems throughout the office, and developing software to allow for the storage of client contact information in a localized, digital medium.

areas of expertise

C#/.NET 95%

python 75%

c++ 70%

client-server architecture 80%

Mono 85%

javascript 80%

node 80%

git 90%

My projects_


Lunar Engine

Open source 2D online role-playing game engine, consisting of cross-platform client-server architecture and development tools.

Used stack:

  • C#
  • MonoGame
  • TCP
  • client
  • server
  • development tools

RPG Origin Community

A community dedicated to the discussion and development of RPGs (role-playing games). Launching point for Lunar Engine.

Used stack:

  • html5
  • css3
  • JavaScript
  • BEM
  • bower
  • grunt

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